2011-502nd Schedule


* March 5th        Conders        Aliens vs Borg
* March 19th        Asylum            POSTAL
April 10 (Sunday)    Paintball Indiana        Big Game
April 30-May1        Sherwood Forest    26HR Scenario
** May 14-15        BEARCLAW        The Push at Falaise: France 1944
May 21-22        CPX (Chicago)        Living Legends
* June 4th        Asylum            POSTAL
* June 11            Conders        Normandy
July 15-17        White River        Normandy
July 23-24        Hell Survivors        Michigan Monster Game
* August 6th        Asylum            POSTAL
August 13th (Sunday)    Paintball Indiana        Big Game
** October 15-16        BEARCLAW        KOHIMA/IMPHAP: Rumble in the Jungle
October 15        Conders        Zombie-fest
November 11-13        White River        Stalingrad
* November 19        Asylum            Castle Conquest II